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Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements are efficient, robust heaters, which provide long wave infrared radiation.  They are used in a diverse range of industrial processes such as thermoforming, paint curing, printing and drying.  They are also used very effectively in Infrared Patio Heaters and Infrared Saunas.


Photo Type Size (mm)
  FTE series 245 x 60mm
  QTE series 60 x 60mm
  HTE series 122 x 60mm
  QCE series 60 x 60mm
  LFTE series 245 x 110mm
  FFE series 245 x 60mm
  HFE series 122 x 60mm
  QFE series 60 x 60mm
  SFSE series 122 x 122mm
  LFFE series 245 x 95mm
  HFEH series 122 x 60mm
  SFEH series 122 x 122mm


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